Public Talk: The hidden partner – how the wild trinity co–works in us

Jesus exclaimed with frustration to the Temple officials, 'My Father is still working and I am still working!' What does he mean by that? Is it still true? Have I ever wondered how exactly the Trinity is at work in my ministry and life? This evening we will break open the reality and implications of the 'working' God, or the 'co-labouring' God, as St Ignatius would put it. This has real implications for partnership in ministry, one of the most common and most difficult paths in any ministry. It is core Ignatian spirituality.

We will do this in two spiritual exercises that will take us into the heart of co-labouring relationships in work. They will serve as guides to avoid conflict, bullying, selfishness, too much ego, and paralysis in working teams. They will offer you key leading images to hold and guide your way forward.

Seven similar exercises will be given to you to take home to your own work teams. Real co-labouring almost always brings something new to birth in ministry – it is worth the effort. Come with some of your ministry team. You love how practical these exercises are.

Date: 15th Nov (Thursday), 8 till 10 pm
Participation by donation of any amount. 
Venue: Canisius /Bellarmine Hall, Church of St Francis Xavier, Petaling Jaya

For registration, please visit or contact Michael Tan at 012 871 8722


Fr. Michael Hansen SJ, is a Jesuit of the Australian Province. He is the National Director of the First Spiritual Exercises ministry (FSE), a retreat director, speaker, spiritual formator and writer. He is based at Canisius Spirituality Centre, Sydney, NSW. With an academic background in the arts and theology, he has developed creative uses of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. Michael has given First Spiritual Exercises retreats and training workshops in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. Michael has served in several schools and parishes, produced radio and television programmes, and is the author of several works.